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  volume 1. issue two  
A collection of poetry
by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

from Mongolian Art Exhibit

I turn a corner, stunned now by faces / on the wall—masks of deities, shamans, / in papier-mâché, carved wood, stuffed skin. / Black brows pull down over glaring eyes, / red mouths stretch in snarls or gentle smiles. (more...)
Patricia Wellingham-Jones
Isabelle Ghaneh
Todd Heldt
Pamela Miller
Joan Dy
Lina ramona Vitkauskas
Michelle Bitting
Arthur Joyce
Adrienne Lewis
Anne Durant
Kathryn Ugoretz
Cheryl Stiles
Ellaraine Lockie
Arlene Ang
Ellen Wade Beals
JeFF Stumpo
Lita Sorensen
Andrena Zawinski
Rebecca Clark
Jim Coppoc
Carly Sachs
Siri Steiner
Theodore Worozbyt
Hal Ackerman
Gretchen Skillman
Shawn Sargent
Rebecca Harper
Concetta Ceriello
Patrick Tucker
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photograph by Shawn Sargent

In the Bedroom
photograph by Shawn Sargent

Artist, writer, and educator, Shawn Sargent worked professionally in various fields prior to beginning her studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Primarily, she was a freelance image editor, she taught private art lessons, and she managed a self-owned business. Her goal of fostering an awareness of everyday surroundings, human interactions, and the spaces in which they exist brought her to the School of the Art Institute in Chicago two years ago, where she earned her degree in Visual and Critical Studies.

Shawn records the subtleties of daily experiences. Her detached observation and heightened sensitivity uncovers both the fragility and permanence of spaces, emotions, and interactions, to reveal the sensual tactility and humanness of ordinary moments that are often overlooked. She uses architectural elements to make evident the tensions and harmony between private and public, self and other, connection and isolation.

Currently, Shawn works on collaborative projects for a local government organization and helps educate children through creative and academic tutoring. She exhibits nationally, and since moving to Chicago has published several articles and works of non-fiction.
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