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  volume 1. issue two  
A collection of poetry
by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

from Mongolian Art Exhibit

I turn a corner, stunned now by faces / on the wall—masks of deities, shamans, / in papier-mâché, carved wood, stuffed skin. / Black brows pull down over glaring eyes, / red mouths stretch in snarls or gentle smiles. (more...)
Patricia Wellingham-Jones
Isabelle Ghaneh
Todd Heldt
Pamela Miller
Joan Dy
Lina ramona Vitkauskas
Michelle Bitting
Arthur Joyce
Adrienne Lewis
Anne Durant
Kathryn Ugoretz
Cheryl Stiles
Ellaraine Lockie
Arlene Ang
Ellen Wade Beals
JeFF Stumpo
Lita Sorensen
Andrena Zawinski
Rebecca Clark
Jim Coppoc
Carly Sachs
Siri Steiner
Theodore Worozbyt
Hal Ackerman
Gretchen Skillman
Shawn Sargent
Rebecca Harper
Concetta Ceriello
Patrick Tucker
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The Perfect Mistress
by Adrienne Lewis

Our Lady of Salt
                          and tears,
hail the man couched on his front porch,
beer in hand, let him fall
into the shadow of what he never knew
he was missing. I love you,
tell him, and say you will pray
because you think he can be saved.
Reach out,
blessing the fruit of your womb.
Turn back again,
blessing his wife,
as if none of it matters,
as if once pierced,
the heart could beat again.

Adrienne Lewis is the editor of the Paradidomi Review and The Rooftop chaplet series. She has had work published in numerous print and online literary venues. Her first collection of poetry, Coming Clean, was released in 2003 by Mayapple Press. A new collection, Compared to This, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press in the fall of 2005. Currently, Lewis teaches English at Kirtland Community College in Roscommon, Michigan.
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