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  volume 1. issue two  
A collection of poetry
by Patricia Wellingham-Jones

from Mongolian Art Exhibit

I turn a corner, stunned now by faces / on the wall—masks of deities, shamans, / in papier-mâché, carved wood, stuffed skin. / Black brows pull down over glaring eyes, / red mouths stretch in snarls or gentle smiles. (more...)
Patricia Wellingham-Jones
Isabelle Ghaneh
Todd Heldt
Pamela Miller
Joan Dy
Lina ramona Vitkauskas
Michelle Bitting
Arthur Joyce
Adrienne Lewis
Anne Durant
Kathryn Ugoretz
Cheryl Stiles
Ellaraine Lockie
Arlene Ang
Ellen Wade Beals
JeFF Stumpo
Lita Sorensen
Andrena Zawinski
Rebecca Clark
Jim Coppoc
Carly Sachs
Siri Steiner
Theodore Worozbyt
Hal Ackerman
Gretchen Skillman
Shawn Sargent
Rebecca Harper
Concetta Ceriello
Patrick Tucker
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gunsmoke ballad
by Jim Coppoc

and everybody sees this motherfucker rise up and walk out 3 minutes after johnny
drops him

and he shoots back heavy in our ears and the light still swinging good king louis on
the juke still singing

i see skies of blue

but johnny is lying on the floor in blood

clouds of white

gunsmoke heavy as georgia mud

warm summer day

johnny is lying on the floor in blood

dark summer night

while this motherfucker rises up

and i think to myself

rise up

what a wonderful world

johnny is down in a pool of blood

and i think to myself

motherfucker rise up

what a wonderful world

but johnny is down in a pool of blood

yes i think to myself

rise up motherfucker rise up

what a wonderful world


Jim Coppoc is an award-winning poet and teacher; a Lecturer at Iowa State University, where he teaches composition and creative writing; and the Special Projects Coordinator for Iowa State’s Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities. In addition to his many creative and scholarly efforts, Coppoc has spent most of his life exploring the various media of performance art, having worked as musician, actor, stand-up comic, network radio D.J. and performance poet. Marc Smith, the founder of Slam Poetry, has called Coppoc “one of the new breed giving poetry new breath.”

Coppoc is the author of two chapbooks of poetry and two plays, editor of the forthcoming Tens: an Anthology of SlamFusion Poetry in the Midwest, and runner-up for the 2004 Frieda Stein Fenster Award for Millennial Poetry. His creative work has appeared in dozens of literary journals, including Del Sol Review, Tryst, Barbaric Yawp and San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, and his scholarly work on performative ethos, the history of performance poetry, and performance as pedagogy is published and presented all over the world, including excerpts in the Poetry 21 supplement to the new Wadsworth Anthology of Poetry. Coppoc’s first full-length book of poetry, Blood, Sex, & Prayer will be released this Summer by Fractal Edge Press.
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